It can be after Drink?  Drink Can Strengthen Your Bones.

Six-pack skeleton? Hitting the sauce may be good for your bones, reports a study in the American Journal of Medicine.

Subjects who had more than half a drink but no more than one drink per day had a risk of hip fracture 20 percent lower than teetotalers’. Moderate amounts of alcohol help boost estrogen levels and enable the body to absorb more calcium—conditions that contribute to higher bone density.

But boozers, beware: Tossing back a whole bottle of vino won’t build bionic parts, so stick to one power cocktail daily.

When people drink too much, they might do or say things they don’t mean. They might hurt themselves or other people, especially if they drive a car. Someone who drinks too much also might throw up and could wake up the next day feeling awful — that’s called a hangover. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning, which can kill a person. Over time, someone who abuses alcohol can do serious damage to his or her body. The liver, which removes poisons from the blood, is especially at risk.

Because alcohol can cause such problems, the citizens and government leaders in this country have decided that kids shouldn’t be allowed to buy or use alcohol. By setting the drinking age at 21, they hope older people will be able to make good decisions about alcohol. For instance, they don’t want people to drink alcohol and drive cars because that’s how many accidents occur.