Just like humans, pets can experience allergic reactions.Pets can feel allergic reactionn from almost any substance including food, insect bites, medications, vaccines and inhaled particles like dust or pollen. The immune (resistant) system is designed to protect the body from infection. A normally functioning system recognizes things that are “non-self” such as bacteria, viruses that enter or contact the body. The immune system processes the invaders to help prevent disease. In some instances, the immune system can overreact, causing mild to severe, life threatening disease, manifesting as an “allergic reaction”.

More serious reactions are :

– Difficulty breathing

– Choking

– Coughing

– Severe swelling or skin reactions

– Pain

– Eepression

– Anaphylactic shock
Diagnosis is based on history, symptoms, and examination findings. All allergic reactions should receive prompt medical treatment.